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Why Fiesta?

Satisfaction Promise

We have been pleasing our customers since 1977.
We strive to build long-lasting partnerships. We guarantee that your purchase experience with Fiesta Tents will provide you with 100% satisfaction. That’s our promise.


We know the problems and have tested the solutions.
With installation crews led by a civil engineer and a dedicated development team, we are leaders in the industry when it comes to commercial tents installations. We innovate with technology that is often copied but rarely matched. Take advantage of our years of field experience and mastery that translates into ready-to-apply solutions.


Our high standards and control measures aim for perfection.
All of our products are designed with the highest quality in mind. Durability, compatibility, ease of installation and versatility are the driving forces behind all of our products and designs.


Masters of our craft, we’ve got you covered with flair.
At Fiesta Tents, we impose high standards of professional work ethics and demand the best from our workforce on all levels. You’ll never be left under the weather when we cover your events.


Have it your way!
We understand that everyone has different requirements. Applications for tent structures can range from weddings to temporary storage solutions. This is why we also offer customization of most of our products. From digitally printed logos and colored vinyl to clear roofs and other modifications, we can provide you with the product that best suits your specific needs.

Tent structures and marquees give form to function and shape to space

A specialist in event architecture, Fiesta Tents provides quality tent structures for distinguished events. We offer tent products ranging from small 10′ x 10′ marquee tents to expandable 60′-wide clear span tent structures.

Our brand names include

  • Solara Series high-peak frame tents and marquees :
    • A high-peak frame tent with flying center pole and kedered sliding wall system
  • Solar System clear span structures :
    • An A-frame clear span structure line with kedered roofs and walls
  • Legacy Series frame tents and walkways or marquees :
    • A curved ridge frame tent, marquee or canopy line with kedered roofs and walls
  • Fiesta Tent Doors :
    • Double and single doors with modular and portability characteristics ideal for rental or semi-permanent installations

Other products and services offered

  • Glass or hard PVC tent wall systems
  • Custom fabric manufacturing; mobile stage covers and vinyl accessories, aerospace insulation components and other vinyl and fabric products
  • Installation, maintenance, washing and repair services and training
  • Logistics; shipping and brokerage services
  • Used tents and tent accessories

If you demand quality, expertise and selection, Fiesta Tents has you covered.

Durability, compatibility, ease of installation and versatility
are the driving forces behind all of our tent structures and designs


  • Anodized aluminum, galvanized and zinc-plated steel
  • High-quality laminated and coated vinyl options, specifically chosen for their resistance to outdoor exposure


  • Interchangeability of parts within product lines
  • Compatibility of wall systems from one series to another, which favors limited inventory requirements, reduces overall storage costs and boosts product rotation for rental companies
  • Similarities in designs for different product lines, which allows for easy interconnections between products for complex tent configurations

Ease of installation

  • Design process, including installation evaluation process
  • Design team composed of installation professionals
  • Prototype analysis done in the field with real-life tent rental applications during events of all kinds
  • Limited parts and weight per component to facilitate manipulation and logistics


  • Multiple installation procedures for dealing with various site requirements
  • Compatibility of products, which allows the creation of a wide variety of different space configurations
  • Expandability of product lines, which provides the possibility of making multiple sizes using the same base components
  • Adjustable legs and legs inserts for uneven sites and multi-level installations

If you demand quality, expertise and selection, Fiesta Tents has you covered.

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